Setting up Ad Hoc Assessments

Step 1 - Add the assessment to your Assessment Framework

To add the assessment to the Assessment Framework go to Students > Assessments > Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue and click the Create new Assessment button. 



Click the Create new ad hoc assessment button.



The first step is to choose a category for your Ad Hoc assessment.



Click the category to select it, then click Next at the bottom of the page.

This does not have to be done, and you can press the Skip button at the bottom of the page if necessary.



Work through the setup wizard, filling in all the details of your assessment. Please note, you only have to specify details for Step 3 if you select that the Mark Type is Grades in Step 2





Step 2 - Add the assessment to your Assessment Policy

To add the assessment to the current year, go to Students > Assessments > Assessment Policy > Manage Assessments and click the Add assessment to year policy button. 



You can then select an Assessment type, and select which assessments to add to your policy. Then click Next.



In the next step, fill in the information including what students are included in the assessment and how often the assessment occurs, then click Add assessment(s).


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