Adding and scheduling exam invigilators

You can add and manage your invigilators in Arbor, including printing timetables for them.

Add your invigilators

Check you've already your invigilators as staff members by using the search box or the School > Staff > Browse staff page.

If you've not added them already, add them as a staff member. Please remember to:

You can then follow the same process as for your current staff acting as exam officers. 


Assign invigilators to exams

Go to Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Assign invigilators.



An invigilation session is a continuous time when exams are occurring e.g. 9-12 pm, on a specific day and in one specific room. An invigilation session may have different exams in it (e.g. a Maths exam from 9 am to 10.30 am and an English exam from 9.30 am to 11 am in the same venue).

Click on the invigilation session to view details about it, and to add invigilators to the session.



Click +Add to add an invigilator.



Print invigilator timetables

In Scheduling > Invigilator Timetables, you can download Invigilator timetables.



The PDFs will then download to your computer. They will be generated together in one PDF - generate them one at a time if you need separate PDFs.



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