My Calendar, calendar colours and calendar syncing

What is My Calendar?

My Calendar offers a personalised way of keeping track of your school meetings and events, allowing you to see what's scheduled in your day and allowing you to add more events and meetings with other participants. Just go to My Items > My Calendar, or click the Calendar widget on your homepage.



You'll be able to see this week by default, but you can change the week using the arrow buttons. Switch between a day, week or monthly view using the right-hand buttons. Jump back to this week using the Today button.



Hover over an event to see more information, or click on an event in your calendar to jump to the event overview.

You can see how to create more events here: Creating and managing events

Staff members assigned to cover a lesson will see this lesson in their calendar. Clicking on the lesson will allow them to access the Lesson Dashboard so they can take the attendance register.



What does the colour coding mean?

In My Calendar, the events are colour coded:

  • Dark Green: Class lessons (including lessons you're covering)
  • Light Green: Urgent Events
  • Light Yellow: Extra Curricular Events
  • Orange: All other Events (Break, Club, General, Meeting, Parents Evening, Sports Fixture)

If you change an event type, the colour of the slot in your calendar will update to match the new categorisation.

Can we change the colour coding?

It is not possible to change the colours in the calendar.

Why do events look like they overlap in my calendar?

There's a few reasons why events look like they overlap with another event - take a look here for further details: Overlapping slots in calendars


How do I link my Arbor Calendar to an external calendar?

You can add our personal Arbor Calendar events to other applications and systems. This means any events created in your Arbor calendar will appear in your external calendar, but any changes made in your external calendar will not be reflected in Arbor. 

Go to My Items > My Calendar > Live Feed. Copy the long URL and go to your external calendar application.



Google Calendar

Click to add another calendar and choose the 'From URL' option.



Paste the URL you copied into the box, then click Add Calendar.



Your Arbor events will then appear in your external Google Calendar. Please note that Google will sync once every 24hrs, so you may not see events appear right away.



Office365 or Outlook

Go to your Outlook calendar and select Import Calendar (Add in the app) and select From Web. (From Internet in the app).

In Link to the calendar, paste in the link you copied from Arbor. Add a calendar name, then click Import (Ok in the app).



Can we link all staff Arbor Calendars to external calendars in bulk?

You can sync all Arbor Calendars with Outlook using SalamanderSoft. Please get in touch with SalamanderSoft to see what your next steps would be.

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  • How do you import this to Outlook?

  • Hi Iain Holmes, thanks for leaving a comment!
    It is currently possible to sync your Arbor Calendar with Outlook using SalamanderSoft. If this looks like a good option for you, please get in touch with SalamanderSoft to see what your next steps would be.

  • Can you set up a school calendar with whole school events which is then accessible to all staff?


  • Hi Helen, take a look at this article.

  • Hi Gwen, thanks for your reply. I can see that this allows me to download school events and filter them.

    But wasn't quite what we were looking for. I was hoping to replace our school calendar in outlook with the Arbor calendar and connect it to our google calendar on our school website.

  • Hi Helen, it isn't possible to do this with the whole school calendar, only with individual calendars as shown above. With so many things scheduled in the school calendar, it would almost make it impossible to use!

  • How can colours be change on my personal calendar?

    Having 'Other' events all one colour is not very helpful when I have a variety of meetings, Clubs, Duties etc

  • Hi Stefan, I'm afraid it isn't possible to change the colours in the calendar.

  • Gwyn Mabo Is this something planned in development as it seems like a glaring oversight in functionality?

  • Hi Stefan, we aren't currently planning on making any changes to this functionality. You can see what we're working on and how to add feedback for us to consider in future here.


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