Excluding staff or contracts from the Workforce Census

The Workforce Census collects information on staff contracts for teachers and support staff that work for schools if they are in regular service (will have completed 28+ days of service with the school before the end of their contract/service agreement).

As such, you may wish to exclude certain individual staff members, certain contracts they hold or (if your contracts are held in another system) exclude your contracts entirely from your Arbor Census.

For more guidance on who should be included in the Workforce Census, take a look at the DfE's Workforce Census Guide section 4. If you are unsure whether a staff member or particular job role should be included in the Census, contact your Local Authority or the DfE. 


Excluding all staff contracts

If your school submits their Staff Contracts using another system external to Arbor, you can choose to discount all staff contracts from your Workforce census.

Please note:

  • If you decide to exclude Contract details from your Workforce Census, your Census will instead pull data relating to business Roles. This means you must ensure that all staff have the correct Business Role.
  • The LA and DfE will still require your Contract information to be submitted separately to your Arbor census return.

Please contact via email the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

Please include in this email:

  • Your School
  • Written consent from your Data Controller
  • Why you want to discount all staff contracts from your Workforce census

Please note, you may still encounter some DfE queries/errors flagged on your Census regarding contracts. In this case, we recommend:

  • deleting staff contracts stored in Arbor from staff profiles
  • when submitting your census to COLLECT you will need to add a validation note that your school records contracts elsewhere.
Discounting certain staff members

For more guidance on who should be included in the Workforce Census, take a look at the DfE's Workforce Census Guide section 4.


Toggling whether staff are included

Go to the staff member's Staff Profile and scroll down to the Employment & Financial section. Click the Include in school workforce census field.



Untick the Include box then click Save Changes. the staff member will no longer be included in your census.



You can also do this by selecting Contracts from the left-hand menu.



Reporting on which staff are included

To see which staff are included in the Workforce Census, go to School > Custom Report Writer and click to add a new report about Staff Contract Posts.


You can then add the column for Included in Workforce Census and your report will show a tick or cross next to each staff member.


Discounting certain contracts

The option above only discounts a staff member completely, not individual contracts. If you need to discount one of a staff member's contracts, or if you have many staff members who have casual zero-hours contracts, you can discount contracts using contract Position Categories.

Go to School > All staff > HR Admin > Positions. Here you can see all the current Positions in use in contracts, the number of staff members with this position, the Position Category and the Census Business Role.



If you only need to exclude some staff members linked to a position, you'll need to set up a new position and set the identifiers as below, then switch the staff member's position to this new position. You can see further details on Positions here.

To discount multiple contracts from the Workforce census, tick the boxes next to all the positions then click Bulk Action button.



For the Position Category, select Not included in School Workforce census (XXX). You do not need to provide a Census Role Identifier. Then click Save Changes.



Contracts with these positions will now no longer appear in the Workforce census.


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