Exam scheduling and seating FAQ

Does Arbor mark a room as unavailable if an exam is assigned to it?

Arbor does not automatically mark the room as unavailable if an exam has been assigned to it. To make sure there aren't any clashes, you'll need to manually mark the room as unavailable then move any classes to a new room. To do this follow these instructions.


Can I edit the exam room size? 

Yes. This can be done through Students > Examinations > Administration > Set Up Examination Rooms. Once the room has been used to seat candidates for forthcoming exams, the room size cannot be changed. Please contact the Support Team to have this manually adjusted.


How do I create an exam seating plan?

Create the room layout from Students > Examinations > Administration > Set Up Examination Rooms, then assign student seats from Scheduling > Assign Seats.


How do I change the order in which candidates are seated?

This can be done through Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Assign Seats. Select the exam, then use the Auto-assign Seats button. The ‘Seating arrangement’ and ‘Order by’ options allow greater flexibility of seating.


Can I exclude seats from the layout?

Yes, this can be done when setting up exam rooms (Students > Examinations > Administration > Setup Examination Rooms).  Click on an exam room, and click the ‘Edit Room Layout’ button.


Why is it showing TBC for the date and time on student timetables?

Timetables will show TBC for the date and time until the exam has been allocated to a room and the student has been allocated to a seat.


Why is the date and time missing for the exam or assessable?

We regularly scrape the latest basedata to ensure we have the latest information. If the date and time are missing from an exam, the most likely reason is that the Awarding Organisation has not included this information in the basedata.


How can I add or amend times or dates for an assessable?

Go to Students > Examinations > Qualifications > EDI (on the left). Select the Qualification, then click on the Learning Unit. Click on Exam and Assessables, then the assessable you wish to amend. Select Date and Time, add the new information, then click Save Changes.

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