Examinations records for an individual student on the student profile

You can view examination details from student profiles.


  • Qualifications: Administer All Students - Access the main examinations area and manage exams
  • Student Profile: Qualifications: View All Students - View exam details on the student profile

If you don't have the required permission, ask your school office to give them to you using these instructions.


Go to Examinations from the left-hand menu of a student's profile.

Here you can see and update the student’s key exams information such as their candidate number and UCI etc.



From the left-hand menu, you'll be able to access additional pages.

Statement of Entry

Click the green button. This will generate a PDF of entries and download them.

You can also generate these in bulk.



Access Arrangements

Add or edit new access arrangements, similar to the main Access Arrangements page.



Exam Timetable

Click the green button. This will generate a PDF timetable and download it. You can also generate these in bulk.

Top Tips:

  • Remove all series from the Series box to only include In-house exams in your timetables.
  • Even if you only want to generate timetables of in-house exams, you will need to have added the student as an exam candidate. You would only need to complete the Adding In-house Candidates step (they do not need a UCI or UCN).



Centre assessed outcomes

This page will display coursework marks, along with the status of whether the mark has been input (required for some third party API connections).

You can see how to input coursework marks here: Adding Results into Arbor



Provisional statement of results

You can see how to generate these in bulk or individually.

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