Exam results are duplicated on Statements of Results

Awarding organisations will issue both an EDI Results file and an XML results file for EDI results. EDI results files only contain the overall grades for the award, whereas the XML results files contain the overall grades and the score for each assessable.

When importing results into Arbor, only import one of these. It is your school's choice as to which you import, but do not import both. You can see more guidance on importing XML and EDI results files here: Entering Exam results in Arbor

Why are there duplicate results?

If you have imported both the XML and EDI results files, students will have two grades for each award logged. This will mean these grades show twice on Statements of Results.



How do we remove the duplicates?

To remove the duplicate results on statements of results, you will need to remove one of the results files (either the EDI or XML) that you've imported.

Go to Students > Examinations > Results Administration > Results Import. Select the import then click the Reverse results import button at the bottom of the page.



Once you confirm the deletion you'll be taken back to the Results Import page. You'll then need to generate the statements of results again: Creating and sharing statements of exam results

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