Past webinar recordings

What are these recordings?

Here you can find recordings of our webinars prior to 2024.  Anything after this date is available within the Resources areas of Arbor HQ. For future webinars, click here to see how you can join. The sessions are no longer than an hour and you can watch them whenever is convenient for you!

Who should watch?

Everyone at the school is welcome to watch the training videos, but we do suggest only watching the ones relevant to your role and purchase package. 

How can I watch?

Click the links below to access each video. 

arbor_tip.pngIf you're not able to watch the videos with sound switch on the subtitles. You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when these are switched on.


2023/2024 videos

Autumn School Census

Introduction to key areas of Arbor

  • Managing payments and using them with clubs, trips and meals - Click here
  • Introduction to Communications - Click here
  • Introduction to Assessments - Click here
  • Introduction to Reporting - Click here
  • Guardian Consultations and Parents Evenings - Click here

Workforce Census


2022/2023 videos

New School Year Setup


Summer School Census

Assessments and report cards

Microsoft Power BI Connector

  • Visualise your data any way you want with Arbor's Microsoft Power BI Connector: Click here

Primary Schools

  • In Conversation: How three primary schools are using Arbor to make a difference: Click here

Applicants and Admissions

Spring School Census

Meet the Arbor Team

  • Meet the trainers - Helping you to become an Arbor expert: Click here


  • Trust-wide reporting - get the most out of MAT MIS: Click here

Roadmap Reveal


  • Getting the most out of Attendance reporting: Click here
  • Report cards - Top tips and tricks: Click here


2021/2022 videos

Spotlight on Assessment features


Wraparound care

Please note that since this webinar, it is now possible to use vouchers to pay, plus more updates. Please see this article for updated details: Wraparound care - Setting up a breakfast club or after-school club

MAT MIS Assessments


2020/2021 videos

The effective school office

Attendance and reporting

New features


2019/2020 videos

Parental Engagement


Other webinars


2018/2019 videos

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