Upcoming Webinars

We deliver regular seasonal webinars to support schools at key points during the academic year. Each webinar is around 45 minutes long, plus time for questions.

To sign up for any of our upcoming webinars, click the links below. You can also watch all our past webinars from this link: Past webinar recordings

Missed the session? We post the recording on our Help Centre within 24 hours - click the link above to catch up.


We will be adding more webinars for the Spring term soon! Click the link above to watch our past webinars.


FAQs and troubleshooting 

How do I sign up for and join the webinar?

Step 1: Click the link in the section above to sign up to the webinar.

Step 2: Add in your details and click Register.




Step 3: The link to join the webinar will be sent to the email address you have signed up with. Check your inbox to be able to join.

Please note: you might not be able to join if you sign up after the session has already started.



Having problems connecting?

Please ensure the website is whitelisted. Your IT team can help you with this!

If you're struggling to connect to the webinar or your screen freezes, please refresh your page. This solves the majority of issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the webinars about?

Arbor delivers regular seasonal webinars to support schools at key points during the academic year. Each webinar has a set agenda and is around 45 minutes long, with time for questions.

Who should attend?

Everyone at the school is welcome to join our webinars, we do however suggest joining the ones relevant to your school. For example, if you're an Isle of Man or Independent school, you won't need to join our Census webinars.

How can I prepare?

Block some time out in your calendar, grab yourself a pair of headphones and head to a quiet space where you'll be able to focus. We cover a large amount of information during the session and don't want you to miss anything!

During the session, ask any questions you have using the chat window and your trainer will answer them at the end.

Please ask your IT team to whitelist the website.  

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