Upcoming Webinars

We deliver regular seasonal webinars to support schools at key points during the academic year. Each webinar is around 30 minutes long, plus time for questions.

To sign up for any of our upcoming webinars, click the links below. You can also watch all our past webinars from this link: Past webinar recordings

Examinations Summer and Autumn 2020

Results day

See how to prepare for GCE results day on 13th August and GCSE results day on 20th August. 

We’ll be looking at how you can add results into Arbor for EDI and Non-EDI qualifications and set Embargo dates. We’ll also show you how you can share results with parents or students, including how you can use our recent update to download and share individual provisional statements of results.

There will be time for you to ask any questions at the end of the session.

Wednesday 5th August at 10 am - Click here to sign up


Making Autumn 2020 Exam resit entries

Join our exam entries webinar to see how to make all your exam entries in Arbor and generate EDI entry files to send to the Awarding Organisations in time for the earlier entry deadlines this year due to Covid.

There will be time for you to ask any questions at the end of the session.

Thursday 27th August at 12 pm - Click here to sign up


Starting back in September - Welcome back

To kick off the new school year we’ll take a look at the top 3 releases over the summer you can use to make an impact, plus what we’ve got coming soon.

Learn top tips for fixing any issues you might have with meal registers and pricing, taking attendance and moving students and much more! 

We’ll also go through where you can find your key resources, and there will be time at the end to ask any questions you’ve got.

Secondaries and All-Throughs - Tuesday 1st September at 12 pm  - Click here to sign up

Primaries - Wednesday 2nd September at 12 pm - Click here to sign up

Starting back in September - Using behaviour effectively in Arbor this Autumn

Join our webinar focusing on behaviour where we will look at how to make sure you have these setup correctly for 2020/21. 

We will look at how to make sure you have sessions scheduled for detentions and internal exclusions, some good to know troubleshooting steps and the things you need to know when using behaviour in Arbor, such as assigning points, detentions and more!

Friday 4th September at 11 am - Click here to sign up

Starting back in September - Get ready for Assessments in Arbor this Autumn

Join our Assessments webinar to get everything ready for your first assessments data drop this term. 

We’ll look at how to make sure your assessments have been copied over to this year and can be accessed and edited by the right people, plus quick tips for if you’re missing marksheets, baselines or targets.

Tuesday 8th September at 12 pm - Click here to sign up



FAQs and troubleshooting 

How do I sign up for and join the webinar?

Step 1: Click the link at the top of the article to sign up to the webinar.

Step 2: Click Register Now for the webinar you would like to attend.



Step 3: Enter your email address to register for the session. The link to join the webinar and the recording of the session will be sent to this email address.



Step 4: Click the button in the email we've sent you to access the webinar.



Dialling in to Livestorm

If you don't have a pair of headphones and want to dial in via phone, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Access the webinar by following the instructions above.

Step 2: Click for sound.



Step 3: Click on the Help button found on the top right of the live stream, or click on the 'Encountering issues with audio or video?' message found right above the webinar sidebar.



Step 4: Choose the country that you're located in from the pop-up. To listen to the webinar, call the number, and then enter the 6 digit code to join the event and start listening!

The number to dial for the UK is 0800 060 8942.



Step 5: To make your video widescreen, click the button in the pink box shown below. To hide the chat box, click the button in the orange box shown below.



Having problems connecting?

Please ensure the website is whitelisted. Your IT team can help you with this!

If you're struggling to connect to the webinar or your screen freezes, please refresh your page. This solves the majority of issues. 

If you continue to have problems with audio or video, select Help, and choose Compatibility mode. This should adjust your settings to try and fix your issues.



If you are still experiencing issues with the audio or video, click Help and use the Phone dial-in option and call the number to dial into the sound. This should reduce the demand on your internet to improve the stream.


Follow Livestorm’s Technical requirements and Firewall information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the webinars about?

Arbor delivers regular seasonal webinars to support schools at key points during the academic year. Each webinar has a set agenda and is around half an hour long, with time for questions.

Who should attend?

Everyone at the school is welcome to join our webinars, we do however suggest joining the ones relevant to your school. For example, if you're an Isle of Man, Interserve or Independent school, you won't need to join our Census webinars.

How can I prepare?

Block some time out in your calendar, grab yourself a pair of headphones and head to a quiet space where you'll be able to focus. We cover a large amount of information during the session and don't want you to miss anything!

During the session, ask any questions you have using the chat window and your trainer will answer them at the end.

Please ask your IT team to whitelist the website.  

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