Changing the price of a meal during the year

If you need to update the prices of your meals, go to School > Meals and select Setup from the left-hand side.


  • Meals: Administer All Students - Set up meals for students
  • Finance: Administer - Set prices for the meals

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Changing the prices

Select the Prices section.



Select the meal provision you would like to change the price for.



Select the price category to update. In the slide over, click the Update Meal Prices button.



Changing the price of your meals for a future date

If you would like to change the meal price starting from a date in the future, you can add a new price. After clicking the Update Meal Prices button, click the +Add button in the slide over.

This adds new pricing, allowing you to keep your existing price until the selected date, and see what the past prices were.

Select the date and select the new price, then click the Save Changes button.



The meal will remain at the existing price until the date of the new price. The end date is automatically the end of the academic year.



Changing the current price of your meals

If you would like to change an existing meal price you can. Please bear in mind this will recalculate all past invoices and student's and staff's meal balances.

To do this, after clicking the Update Meal Prices button, click the price field in the slide over.

Adjust the price, then click the Save Changes button.



You will be asked to confirm your changes, as this will recalculate all invoices.


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