Adding a Fasting meal option for students during Ramadan

You may need to record a fasting meal choice for students fasting for Ramadan in your school.

  • If you use Rotating Meal menus, you would just add an additional Meal Provision for Fasting to each Meal Menu.
  • If you use standard meals, follow the instructions below.


  • Meals: Administer All Students - Set up the Fasting meal as a meal provision (you must also have the permission below to set up prices)
  • Finance: Administer - Set a price for the meal provision and manage payments for meals

If you don't have the permissions, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you the permissions using these instructions.

Adding the meal

We advise adding a new meal provision and price to your current meal setup. See this article: Adding a seasonal meal and choose the Setting it up as a meal option for guidance on how to do this.

  1. Follow step 1 here to add your new meal provision for Fasting.
  2. Add the meal price for All Students, then click Set Price. Set your meal price to £0.



Once you've added the price, your page will look something like the screenshot below. Teachers can then select this option on the meal registers, or you can update this in bulk from the Daily summary.


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