Can we offer discounts for payments?

Your school may offer reduced prices for paid items, for example, if the student has a sibling at the school.

  • Meals - It is not possible to set discounts for custom groups of students. You can only specify different prices for Free School Meals (FSM) students and different year groups.
  • Other customer account types - When adding invoices, you need to just specify the amount to be deducted from the account, after any discounts are deducted.
  • Trips - You can set up custom groups, one for each price point. When adding trip prices you can then specify the price for each group.
  • Clubs - You can see how to manage this here: Can I offer reduced or discounted price clubs?
  • Wraparound care - This will need to be managed in a similar way to Clubs (shown above).

In general, we do not recommend setting up discounts as it is difficult to manage, but you can contact our support team for more information if required.



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