Setting up a Trip and copying trips to next year

You can set up free or paid trips for you to manually manage, or for guardians to sign up to through the Parent Portal and Arbor App.


  • School: Extra Curricular: Administer - Set up and manage trips
  • Finance: Administer - Manage payments for trips

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

How long will it take?

  • Setting up the trip - 5 minutes
  • Adding prices - 10 minutes


Copying over a trip into another year

If you want to take payments for a trip happening next year, you'll need to set up two trips - one for this year to take payments, and one for next year to schedule the actual trip. 

This is because you can only make payments for trips happening this academic year.

It is not possible to copy a trip - you will need to create it again.

When creating your trip for next year, you can either wait until you have completed the New School Year Setup process to be able to select those students, or you can create a Custom Group.

Recreating a trip that had payments made last academic year

As trips work within one academic year, if you want to carry balances over to next academic year you'll need to set up a new trip and create any outstanding balances. Create the trip as you would normally.

To set up Trip Prices, you'll need to set each student's cost of the trip with whatever the outstanding amount is that they have left to pay.

Top Tip: Duplicate your tabs so you can see the old trip and how much each student has paid in one tab, and the new trip in the other tab.



What if the trip allows voluntary contributions or the child already paid enough last year?

If they have already paid enough in the previous trip, you won't need to add a price for them in this one if you only want to track payments and don't need to take attendance.

If you did want to take attendance, you will need to add them to the trip or they won't appear in the register. When adding prices you can set their price as zero.



You can then mark the students who have nothing left to pay as confirmed. 



Please note that even if you accept voluntary contributions, using this method the guardian won't be able to make further payment through the Parent Portal or Arbor App. 





Creating a new trip

Step 1 - Add the trip

Go to School > Activities > Trips and click + Add to set up a new trip. Select whether your trip will be free or if parents can or should pay.



A slide over will appear with information regarding your trip to be filled out:

  • Name
  • Location - Where is the trip to?
  • Staff - Which staff members are going? Staff members assigned here will also be able to take attendance for the trip if they have the Attendance: Administer My Students permission.
  • Trip start and end date and time - When the trip starts and finishes
  • Link to - Is this trip linked to any courses or clubs in Arbor, for example, a Geography trip would be linked to the Geography course
  • Pupils eligible - Select 'all enrolled students' for all students to be to go on the trip. Narrow down to an appropriate group if only certain students should be able to sign up.
  • Max participants - Guardians won't be able to sign their child up once the max capacity is reached.
  • Consent required? - Guardians will need to tick a box when paying to say they consent
  • Take Attendance - If this is ticked a register will be created for the trip



If you'd like guardians to sign up through the Parent Portal or Arbor App, you'll need to add open and close dates. These determine when parents can sign their children up and make payments for the trip.



Step 2 (for paid trips) - Add prices

Once complete, you will then add in the payment amount for your students by selecting +Add within Trip Prices.



Here you can choose:

  • The price and VAT rate for the trip
  • Whether parents can choose the amount to pay (they will be able to sign up without paying at all)
  • Whether parents can pay towards the price of a trip in instalments
  • Whether the price can be paid in instalments
  • The minimum instalment amount (must be at least £1)
  • An auto-confirmation threshold that, once paid, will confirm a child's place on the trip

If you wish to add an alternative price for a different pupil group, eg. pupil premium students, select +Add and create another price. When complete, click Save.



The price the guardian will need to pay will be the lowest price set for the student - great for applying discounts to certain students! In this example:

  • a Free School Meal student in year 8 will not pay anything
  • Sarah will need to pay £5
  • Melissa will pay £10 - setting up prices that are higher than the base amount for the student group will not work

Need to set up separate prices where students need to pay more than the base amount? You'll need to set custom groups - one for the students paying the base amounts, and one more for each price point. You'll then be able to add a price for each group.



Finally, in Trip Participants your selected eligible pupils will sit within the Eligible tab. Students who have been provisionally added to the trip will appear in the Reserved tab. Part-paid and fully paid students will appear in the Confirmed tab.



Signing students up for the trip

To sign students up to the trip, you can record payments or just sign the student up for the payment to be added later. You can see how to do this here: Manually signing students up to a trip

If you use the Parent Portal and Arbor App at your school and have allowed parents to sign up through there, they can sign their children up using these instructions: Signing my child up for a Trip on the Parent Portal or the Arbor App


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