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How can I manage my school's Linked Organisations?

You can add information on your site about any other educational organisations your school has links with. Adding these will also allow you to select a destination school when creating CTFs as part of the New School Year Setup process.

Go to School > Linked Organisations and select one of the options below.


Educational Institutions

In Educational Institutions, you can add and see educational institutions linked to the school.



Click on the green button to add a new educational institution.



You can then click the institution to add an address, linked students or staff. This is useful for keeping track of which students study part-time at other institutions.



To delete an institution, select the institutions then click the blue pencil icon to select delete.



If you don't have any students linked to these other institutions, you'll be able to just confirm the deletion.



If you have linked students, you can choose to delete the institution and all links to students or link the student to another organisation.




In Employers, you can add and save companies. This is useful for listing institutions where students have taken work experience, the agency that has supplied cover staff or other student or staff employers.



Click the green button to add an employer.



Click an employer to access or add more information.





In Universities, you can add and save universities linked to the school.


Click the green button to add a university.



You can click the university to access or add more information.


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