Can I reset a step in the New Year Setup?

We know that sometimes when you're setting up the new year in Arbor you may make a mistake and need to amend something or start the step over. 

There's no dedicated button to reset a step in the New Year Setup screens but the setup can be undone by deleting whatever you've set up already.

In the Academic Calendar step (step 1)

Click into any of the Terms or Holidays you've set up. 



Click on Edit in the slide-over.


Choose Delete to remove it. 


Repeat for any other parts of this step you want to remove and create again. 


In the Off-Roll Leavers step (step 2)

In this step, you would have to click into each row of the Reason column to undo the off rolling. 



Click on the reason, and click Edit.



Remove the Leaving Date, and click the X next to the Leaving Reason, then click Save Changes.



I'm getting an error message

You may get an error message that says something like: "Please correct this error. An enrolment that covers the proposed new date range already exists for this student."

If this happens, this means the student has two enrolments in the Enrolments section of their profile. This can happen if you added new enrolments for students as part of the Applicant process rather than promoting to students using the New School Year Setup.

To resolve the error, you'll need to remove the newer enrolment. You can see how to do this here: Student has two enrolments into the school

Please note that this cannot be done in bulk but must be done for each student from their profile.



In the Year Groups and Registration Forms step (step 3)

You can click into the year groups or registration forms on this step to delete them which will allow you to create them and promote students into them again from the beginning of this step.

For example, if you accidentally promoted the wrong students into a registration form you can correct it by either: 

  • Using our steps for splitting students via the tweak registration forms page. This page can be used to move students from an incorrect registration form to the correct registration form.
  • Deleting the registration form from the next academic year. To delete it you just need to click on it on the Year Groups and Registration Forms page. 



Then click the red Delete Registration Form button to delete it. 



Once it's deleted you'll be able to go back to the step where you copy the registration form from the current year into the new year (step 1 copy year groups and registration forms). 



In the Custom Groups step (step 4)

Click into the Custom Group and delete it (then you'll be able to copy them again or create new ones). 

To do this to a custom group you'll need to click into the custom group in that step, then click More on the slide-over.


Click Delete Group on the right of the page. 



In the Houses step (step 5)

Click into the House and delete it (then you'll be able to copy them again or create new ones). 

To do this for Houses, click into the House.



Click on Delete House on the right-hand side of the page. 



In the Registers step (step 6)

Click into the course you want to delete, and click the red Delete Course button on the right of the screen. 



In the Meals step (step 7)

For this step, we can reset it for you. Please contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.


In the Interventions step (step 8)

Click into the Intervention in the Review section. 

Click on the Intervention Details tab.



Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the red Delete Intervention button. 


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