Assign students to a year group and registration form if they joined after step 3 of the new year setup

Sometimes students join a school near the end of the current year when the new year setup process is in full swing. If you have already started step 3 of the school year setup, you will find that the new students added will have an enrolment into your school but no year or registration form for next year. 


How will I know if my new students are missing Year Groups and Registration Forms for next year?

If a student doesn't have a year group and registration form for next year, this will be highlighted on the Year Groups and Registration Forms page. 

To see this just go to School > School Structure > School Year SetupThen click into 3. Year Groups and Registration Forms.

There, you'll see a section titled Review and if there are students in this situation you'll see them listed in the Students without an Enrolment for (academic year). 



How can I add a year group and registration form for these students? 

To resolve this, head to the student's profile (you can use the Global search bar to find them, or click on their name in the list). 

Once you're on their profile, click on Enrolment on the left-hand menu. Here, you'll be able to choose the next academic year in the Academic Year drop-down on the right. 



Click on the +Add button next to the academic year Enrolments, here: 



You'll get a menu in the middle of your screen and you'll need to choose Add Student to Year Group then once you've added that click on the same +Add button again and choose Add student to registration form. You can also add them to a house using this menu. 



Can I enrol a student into a year group, registration form or house if I forgot to during the applicant stage?

Yes, you can! You can follow the same steps above and change or add an enrolment directly from the student's profile. If they have no enrolment at all you can follow the steps in the Enrolling a student in your school section of our enrolment guide: Enrolling a student

You can also remove the enrolment then re-add it in bulk if you missed the step of adding students to their registration form. You can see how to do this here: Enrolled applicants before adding a year group or registration form

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