Student has two enrolments into the school

Students should only have two enrolments into your school if there was a break in their enrolment (such as if they attended a different school). In the example below, you can see the student left in February 2019, and rejoined in April 2019.

You can see more information on this process here: Re-enrolling a student who has returned to your school



If the student did not miss any statutory roll call periods, their enrolment should be extended, not ended.

If you did not do this, the student will have two enrolments into the school. You will need to remove the newer enrolment.

This can happen if you added new enrolments for students as part of the Applicant process rather than promoting to students using the New School Year Setup.



Step 1 - Make a note of the newest enrolments

Go to the Enrolments section of the student's profile.

Note down the year group, registration form and class enrolments for newer enrolment set to Ongoing. These are really important as you'll need to add the student back into these correctly later.

Step 2 - Delete the newest enrolment

Click into the student's newer enrolment.

Click the Edit button (do not click Unenrol).



Click the Delete button, and confirm your deletion.



Top Tip: If the enrolment had started in the past, if you go to the student's profile, in the Attendance > Marks (By Date) section, you can see that the attendance marks are still there, just marked as redundant for now.



Step 3 - Extend the enrolment

Go back to the Enrolment section and click on the old enrolment. Click Edit.



Remove the Leaving Date, and the Leaving Reason then click Save Changes.



Step 4 - Add enrolments back in

Click +Add to add the enrolments into the year group and registration form back in.




You'll also need to add the students to any additional courses and classes.



Top Tip: If the enrolment had started in the past, once you have added them to everything correctly, the attendance marks will become valid again in the Attendance > Marks (By Date) section.


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