6 terms or 3 terms?

When setting up your academic calendar as part of the New School Year Setup, or when making edits, you need to define your term dates.

Our recommendation is to create 3 terms (where the half term holidays are added as Vacations) rather than 6 terms.

What happens if we use 6 terms?

If you continue to have 6 terms, you will need to keep in mind that anywhere across Arbor that refers to a 'term', this will be your half terms, and anywhere that refers to a 'half-term' there will be 12 of across the year. For example, if you make a Custom Report Writer report looking at the last half term, it will be looking at half of your actual half term. Affected areas include (but may not be limited to):

  • Assessments
  • Club periods and prices for booking
  • Reporting across Arbor's built-in reporting pages, and in the Custom Report Writer
  • Behaviour
  • Interventions
  • Custom Groups with automatic enrolment criteria

We set up 6 terms by mistake - how do we switch over?

You will need to amend the Academic Calendar.

Deleting or editing your terms in your academic calendar will not change anything already set up, so you may need to go into those areas and edit the setup.

For assessments, they'll continue to have 6 assessment periods if you selected termly, or 12 if you selected half-termly during the assessment setup. Please follow the instructions below to fix this: 

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