Steps to take after an Edval import

Adding newly created courses into your existing course hierarchy

If your Edval timetable includes courses that can't be matched to courses on Arbor prior to the sync taking place, these will be imported as brand new courses in Arbor. You will see these courses when viewing the Courses & Classes Overview page.



To bring these courses into your existing course hierarchy on Arbor, you'll need to set the appropriate Parent Course for them, by taking the following steps:

  1. Click into the course.
  2. On the Overview page that loads, click into the Component of field under Admin.Arbor_New_School.png
  3. On the Move To New Parent Component slideover menu, select the appropriate parent course that you need the course to sit under.Arbor_New_School.png
  4. Click the Move To New Parent Component button to finalise the adjustment.

You'll need to repeat this for each new course created by the Edval import.


Setting Academic Leads

Edval's current importer cannot set Academic Leads for courses in Arbor. To input your Academic Leads for courses in bulk, we recommend heading to School > Programmes > (Academic Year) Courses, then using the Table View option on the left-hand side. You can then follow these steps:

  1. Tick to select courses that have a common Academic Lead (e.g. 7Ar/1, 7Ar/2 and 7Ar/3 all have the same lead - Abbie Cook).Arbor_New_School.png
  2. Click the blue pencil icon, and select Bulk Update Academic Leads.
  3. On the Bulk Change Academic Leads slideover menu, set the appropriate start date in the Effective from box (for an import for the next year, we'd recommend setting the first day of your next academic year), then set the desired member of staff in the Add... drop-down menu.Arbor_New_School.png

Repeat this for all courses that require an Academic Lead setting up.


Delete any no longer required courses

If you have copied your course structure over from the previous Academic Year, you may have some courses that are no longer being run and require removing. You can delete these by clicking into the course, and clicking the red Delete button on the right-hand side of the page.Delete_Course.png

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