Payment reference - How will I know which payout is from a school on my bank statement?

Payouts from Arbor show as ‘URN=<School URN> PYMNT’ (e.g. URN=123456 PYMNT) on bank statements.

It is not possible to change the format of the identifier on bank statements, as this has been set in agreement with our payment provider, Stripe. If you wish Stripe to change this setting in future, please contact the Stripe team. 

If you make payouts to a Local Authority or MAT bank account, we recommend letting them know your URN so they can identify which payments come from your school. 

  • You can find your school's URN from the School > School Details page.
  • You can also supply them with the Settlement Statement to help identify payments.



If you are a Local Authority or MAT, you can use GIAS to find out which school has these URNs.

Go to this link:, and type in the numbers following 'URN' on the statement. This will show you the school.


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