How do we migrate staff Contracts and Business Roles?

Business roles:

  • We migrate business roles from SIMS, Bromcom, Progresso, CMIS and ScholarPack. You can see more information here: How do we migrate Business Roles from SIMS?
  • For Integris, we only migrate business roles where contracts exist - this migrates from the roles section in Integris staff contracts. 

You can see how to find and amend business roles after them migration here: Adding a Business Role to a member of staff


  • We migrate staff contracts, contract posts, post allowance and post salary from SIMS, Bromcom, Integris, Progresso, CMIS and ScholarPack.
  • We also migrate Contract Documents from SIMS.
  • We also migrate Contract Positions from Integris and Progresso.

If you need to edit staff contracts after migration, you can see how to do this here. You can also see how to edit contract posts and positions here.

Future staff

Staff who are not current but are starting in the future will be migrated. Their future Contract and future Business Role will be migrated, and the staff member will become current on the same date they were set to start in your previous system.

Service agreements

We do not migrate service agreements, so staff without a contract may be migrated as current staff. The end date of the contract will determines whether they are migrated as current staff.

Staff who have left

To ensure that staff who have left your school are migrated correctly, make sure the contract, staff post and the business role all have an end date input.

If one of these things does not have an end date, they will be given a business role when they migrate to Arbor and be migrated as current staff. You can see how to resolve this here: The current staff list has missing staff or includes people who have left

Not all Staff Allowances have migrated, why?

Arbor only allows Allowances linked to a staff contract. Some other MISs such as ScholarPack don't have this requirement. If you've created stand-alone allowances, we won't have migrated them. You can see how to add them here.

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