The current staff list has missing staff or includes people who have left

When searching for staff members, you can see which of your staff are classed as current staff members. Current staff are classed as those who have an active business role.

Staff are missing from my current staff list

If a staff member is missing from your search or staff lists, it might be because:

  • they have a business role, but they aren't set to start yet.
  • they're missing a business role. When we migrate your data over to Arbor, we map contracts to the closest business role we can find.

If you didn't record the staff member's contract in your previous MIS, we won't have been able to allocate the staff member a business role. Once you've found them using these instructions, be sure to give them a business role so they can access Arbor.

Want to see all staff without a Business Role? Follow this article: How do I find staff without a Business Role?

There are staff on my current staff list that are not current

You may have staff on your staff list in Arbor marked as current staff when they have left your school.

If you're still moving to Arbor, make sure that you marked them as left on your previous system. They would have needed to have both their contract and their business role marked as having ended for them to not show in Arbor as current. If either is ongoing or doesn't have an end date, they will be marked as current staff.

You can also check these details in Arbor. If their business role (in the Current Business Roles section of their main staff profile page) doesn't have an end date, they will not be marked as having left your school. 

If you need to mark a staff member as having left in Arbor, you can follow these instructions: End a staff member's employment

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