Can I see who has two-factor authentication enabled?

It is not possible in Arbor to report on or get a list of which staff at your school have set up two-factor authentication. However, you can see when staff are logging in, and using which method here: How can we see when or if staff are logging in?

It is possible that some staff at your school have not set up two-factor authentication if:

  • they have only ever logged in on-site, and you have IP whitelisting set up so staff don't need to use two-factor authentication when logging in while onsite.
  • you have Bypass two-factor authentication for SSO accounts? enabled, so Two-factor authentication is only required when using the Arbor Username and Password, but not when logging in with Single sign-on (SSO). 

If you require them to set up two-factor authentication, you can:

  • turn these settings off
  • ask your staff to log in from home/off-site
  • ask your staff to log in using their Username and Password
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