Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

You can pay the school via cash, cheque or bank transfer and they can top-up your child's account or pay for clubs and trips.

Alternatively, you can pay by card on the Parent Portal or Parent App.

You cannot pay for standard clubs, trips or School Shop items using vouchers.

If you have a voucher (such as Tax-free Childcare Vouchers, sometimes referred to as National Saving Vouchers), you can use this to pay for Wraparound Childcare Clubs (breakfast or after school clubs) only if your school has:

  • enabled you to pay using a voucher
  • topped up your child's account with the voucher balance

If you believe your child's account should be topped up using a voucher, please contact your school.

The process for signing your child up to Wraparound Care sessions is the same whether you are using the voucher balance or not. You can see how to sign up your child through the Parent Portal or Parent App here: Signing my child up for a Breakfast or After-School Club

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