How can I see who has the most behaviour points?

Go to Students > Behaviour > Point Awards > Totals.

Top Tip: If this is the first time you're accessing the page, be sure to click into the filters to select a point award scale.



Using the filters, you can group by registration forms, years or houses (once you’ve set these up in your New School Year Setup), or other demographic groups.



  • Group by Student to see individual totals.
  • Group by House to see which house has the most.




Top Tip: Click column headers to sort highest > lowest to see which student or group got the most points.    



How can I see who has the most behaviour points in a day?

To do this, click into the green filters at the top of the page. In the pop up that appears, enter the same date in the 'Custom Date From...' and 'Until...' drop downs for the day you wish to report on.

Once you apply the filters by clicking 'Save Changes', this will populate a 'Custom' column on the report, this is effectively your 'Day' column.

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