Customise your timetable with short course names on calendars and tables

You can choose whether to see full course names (top: mid: bottom level), or bottom level course names only, so the names don't take up so much space in:

  • The Timetable Slots, Lesson Timetable (List) and All Timetabled Events (List) pages
  • The School > All Staff > Cover table
  • Room, Staff and Student timetable downloads (except the Concise and List options)
  • Room, School and Staff timetable grids
  • Room, Staff and Student calendars
  • Course joiner notification emails

To switch to the shortened name, go to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Settings and click on the Staff and Course Names tab.

Click on the Course name format field, and change this to Bottom level name only.



Below you'll find some examples of the changes when switched off on the left and on the right.



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