Changing the day a club takes place

If you have set up a club for the wrong day, or need to change the day a club takes place, take a look at the instructions below. 


You'll need the Extra Curricular: Administer permission to edit a club. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


I've set up a club for the wrong day

Go to the club from School > Activities > Clubs. Click into the session.

Click Edit (from the slide over), then click Delete Timetable Slots.



I need to change the day a club takes place

Follow the instructions above, but do not delete the timetable slot. Instead of deleting the timetable slot, you will need to input the last effective date the club will run until. Click Save Changes 

Then on the sessions section, click add. You can then schedule either weekly sessions or just a one-off session.

When scheduling the effective dates, make sure to begin sessions after the end date of your previous session you have just changed. So, if you ended your previous session on the 11th of November, you would schedule the start date of the new session for the 12th.


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