Can we change the price of a Club?

You can change club prices before or after your sessions have started, as long as no students have been booked onto a session yet.

However, when prices are changed, students who have already paid will not have their invoices changed or price updated. This is still the case if you cancel/refund all student participation., which is why we recommend you have your prices decided before setting up the club.

Before students have booked on

Go to School > Activities > Clubs. Click on the club.

In the Membership Periods and Prices section, click the price. Click Edit in the slide over, then edit the price.



Adding an additional price for a later date

If you want to have one price set, then change the price later on, just edit the Available To date. Then add a new price with the Available From date as the next day.



After students have booked on

Go to School > Activities > Clubs. Click on the club.

If you try to click on the price to edit it, you'll see you can edit the price but not the date.



You can edit the price to apply to future booking made onto the club. Any existing invoices will keep the old price.



Can we delete the price or add a new price?

At this point, you cannot delete the price.

You can add a new price to apply for future bookings. However, this will only work if your new price is lower. This is because when there are multiple prices set up for the same students, the lower price is used.

Can we change the prices for students already booked on?

Please note that we will not be able to refresh the invoices for you.

If you had students booked on before the price change, this means that:

You could also cancel and refund their full participation, then add them again to pull through the new pricing: Cancelling and Refunding Club memberships

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