Can I offer reduced or discounted price clubs for families with multiple children?

Some schools choose to offer a discounted rate to parents for clubs if they have more than one child attending. Although there isn't a specialised area in Arbor to do this automatically, there are a couple of options using our existing Clubs functionality.

Please note: It is not possible to discount based on the number of days booked. For example, you cannot charge £15 per day or £65 for five days.

Permissions required

If you don't have these permissions, ask your admin team to assign them to you.

  • Extra-Curricular: Administer - Set up a club.
  • Finance: Administer - Manage payments into the club.

Options for managing the club prices

Please see the full article on how to set up a club: Setting up a Club

Set up an additional club and only add the siblings as eligible

Parents will need to register the first sibling on the full-priced club and then register the second sibling on the reduced price club.

This option does take additional time to manage but prevents parents from seeing and signing up for clubs at a price they are not eligible for.

This option would also mean that the secondary rate membership option will also have a separate register. 

Set up an additional membership period price for the reduced sibling rate

When adding membership periods and prices, each different price must have a different availability date range. If they are the same they will cancel out.



When registering for the club, parents will need to register the first sibling at the full price membership rate, and the additional siblings to the reduced rate membership. 

Please note that using this method, all parents will be able to see both membership options registering their child to the club. This may result in non-eligible parents taking the reduced rate membership option. 


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