What permission do I need to resolve and fix errors on the School Workforce Census.

Workforce Census Dry runs opens two weeks before the Workforce Census opens and you can access the Workforce Census by going to School > Data > Export > Data Returns.

You would need to be assigned the School: Data Returns: Administer permission to access the Workforce Census.

You'll also need specific permissions to resolve errors and queries, depending on the area you're resolving the error for. Some example permissions you might need are:

  • Staff Profile: All Staff: Basic HR Administration to manage ID documents, update eligibility for staff workforce census
  • School: HR Policy which will allow you to edit positions
  • All Staff: Contract Management to be able to add positions to staff members

If you do not have the permission to complete an action, you would need to ask a member from your admin team to assign you the required permissions. This article explains how to view staff members permissions and how to assign staff ad-hoc permissions. 

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