Set up your School Business Professionals (SBP) for the Workforce Census

Information on your School Business Professionals is required for the workforce census.

Step 1 - Resolve duplicates

First, check for duplicate staff from the Data Quality Dashboard and merge them (or delete a duplicate from the Admin section at the bottom of the duplicate’s staff profile): Resolve duplicates or delete staff profiles

Step 2 - Check your staff are set up

Check you’ve added your staff profiles to your Arbor site: Adding a New Staff Member and creating a new staff profile

Step 3 - Make sure you've added the position

Add the right positions for your staff from School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions: Setting Positions, Position Categories and Census Business Roles for the Workforce Census

Be sure to set the:

  • Position Category as School Business Professional
  • Census Business Role is one of the allowed roles - please see the spreadsheet attached in the article linked above.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.47.15.png


Step 4 - Record their contract using the right position

Add the staff member’s position to the contract on their staff profile following these instructions: Contracts from the staff profile

Step 5 - Add their qualifications

You need to log that the School Business Professionals have certain qualifications at Level 3 or higher. Click +Add in the Qualifications & Checks section of their staff profile.

  • Z206 – Level 3 School Administration Foundation Certificate
  • Z207 – Level 3 Procurement & Supply Assistant
  • Z208 – Level 4 Diploma School Business Management (SBM)
  • Z209 – Level 4 SBP Apprenticeship
  • Z210 – Level 4 Commercial procurement & supply
  • Z211 – Level 4 CIPFA Certificate in Public Sector Asset Management for School Business
  • Z212 – Level 5 Diploma SBM
  • Z213 – Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship
  • Z214 – Level 7 CIPFA Diploma in School Financial and Operational Leadership
  • Z215 – Level 7 Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship.

Select the qualification by typing the number in the First Subject box to select it. Then click Create to add the qualification to their profile.

Step 5 - Record any staff who have left correctly

For any staff who have left, ensure you have added both a Leaving Reason and Staff Destination.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.52.57.png

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