Staff missing from the Workforce Census

There are a few reasons why a staff member might not show within the reporting tables in the Census Summary Inspection. In this article, we'll go through some common examples.

They're missing from all of the tables

Check the staff member

Go to the Contracts section of the staff member's profile. Make sure the Include in school workforce census field is set to Include.

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Check their position

Scroll down on their contract and check what Position they have recorded.

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Go to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions and find this position. Make sure the Position category is set to the right Position category.

If it is set as Not included in School Workforce Census, either change this, or select a different Position for the staff member.

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They're missing from some of the tables

Check the table guidelines

Not all staff will appear in all tables. Please ensure you have checked the DfE's School workforce census technical information thoroughly.

If a staff member has a staff absence but isn't pulling through to table O, check the Position recorded on their staff contract. Table O only looks at Teaching Staff.

If your Head Teacher isn't pulling through to table H, make sure that:

  1. they have a staff contract recorded on their staff profile
  2. this contract has the right Position recorded against it
  3. then go to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions and find this position. Make sure the Position category is correct for a Head Teacher.

Check why the table is empty

If certain tables have no staff in them, check your school's setup.

For example, tables Q and R might show no staff and flag a message about computerised timetable systems that interface with your MIS system. This will be because of one of two things:

  • you don't run your timetable in Arbor, in which case please contact the DfE for further guidance on what to do
  • there are no year groups set against your courses. Make sure all courses have subject and year group set following these instructions, then regenerate the census.
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