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The DfE requires certain schools to submit curriculum staffing data in their census for teachers and teaching assistants.

What data is submitted?

Staff are classed as teaching staff based on the Position assigned to them in their contract, so you will need to make sure you have recorded contract details in Arbor to use this section.

The census includes, for each subject:

  • Number of Teachers and TAs in table Q of the census summary inspection.
  • Number of teaching hours in table R of the census summary inspection.

This information is included in the census XML, when downloaded and submitted to COLLECT. It isn't possible to get an export of this separate to the census download XML.

Wrong staff are included, or duplicated hours

You may see staff counted here that aren't the usual teacher for the class or subject. This happens when a staff member covers a lesson during the time period the census is looking at. The census looks at:

  • the week of census day if you have a one-week timetable
  • the week of census day and the week prior if you have a two-week timetable.

Please note that if a week was a holiday (such as half term), the week prior to that will be used instead.

If you would like to remove the staff from appearing on table Q, you would need to:

  1. remove them from being the staff covering the lesson
  2. regenerate the census
  3. submit your census
  4. add the staff back in as being the staff covering the lesson

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