Primary MAT Digital Onboarding Journey

Welcome to Arbor!

Congratulations on choosing to move to Arbor as your new MIS for your schools and trust! This week-by-week guide will help you to understand and prepare for what to expect throughout your exciting journey to Arbor!



What happens this week?

Following your time with the Partnership team, you will be welcomed to the Onboarding team!

To get started, this week you will receive an email with some key and important information to set you off on your school's journey. This email will start you thinking about ensuring you have the right information and key dates and plans in place.

You will be asked to have a think about and confirm with the onboarding team, your key dates for the journey, your schools key contacts and their details as well as preparing your central team for the Group MIS site release date.

Please see below when you should expect to receive this email and where on the timeline you will be.


Key actions from this week:

  • Confirm your key dates
  • Confirm your schools key contacts and their details
  • Confirm your trust key contact for the Group MIS (the central MAT Arbor site) and the release date (if you are looking to have access to this sooner than your release date, please contact the onboarding team to discuss this)

Top tip for this week!

The sooner you provide Arbor with this information, the smoother this process will be in ensuring your schools get off to the start they need. It is also worth noting that, if your schools are not yet aware of the move to Arbor, now is the perfect time to do this so you are able to prepare for any questions and help with the change. The schools will need to understand their roles and responsibilities at this point to ensure that Arbor is a success at their schools.  


School Implementation begins

What happens this week?

Once Arbor has received your schools' key contact information from Week 1, the Primary Onboarding team will have be in contact with your schools, then the schools will each be asked to book onto a Kick Off meeting.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.


At the schools kick off meeting, they will be advised to start their pre-migration data checks over the next week, as this will help their current MIS to be ready for migration to Arbor. They will also be advised by the primary onboarding team to start on with booking their relevant training using a really simple and easy to use self serve system.


Your schools will be expected to undergo their basic training to go live with Arbor and these key sessions include Arbor Academy pre launch training (recommended a week or two before go live) and Arbor Academy post launch training (recommended a week or two after go live.


Top tip for this week!

As long as your schools are making sure they take the time to complete their data checks and data cleansing before they migrate, the smoother their transition will be. Not only is this beneficial for the schools, but this is really key in ensuring the Group level data you will be able to see is as accurate as possible.

Training & Data Cleansing

What happens in these weeks?

By this stage, your schools should be well underway with their data checks and data cleansing. They should also now have their key training sessions scheduled and be attending these. 

Over these next two weeks you will expect to receive some key reports on how your schools are performing to date. In these reports you will receive information on if your schools have booked/completed training, data checks are completed and when the schools have uploaded their data back ups to Arbor ready for migration.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.


Top tips for this week!

It is recommended that throughout these next two weeks you are ensuring your schools have everything they need to be prepared for go live. We would advise to really make use of these reports, for purposes such as making sure your schools have uploaded their data back ups to Arbor ready to migrate, and give your schools the nudge to book any training they haven’t done already. The most successful MAT’s going through this journey are the ones who are understanding where their schools are at with this process.


Schools go live on Arbor! 

What happens this week?

Go Live! This week your school's new Arbor MIS will be launched! 

You should expect to see an email come through to inform you when your schools are live with Arbor! The primary onboarding team will be sure to be in contact with your schools to support them with their first time login once they are live!

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.


Group MIS Release

What happens this week?

Welcome to your Group MIS! This week your Group MIS will be released to your central team. We will send your CEO or MAT Arbor Champion an email to let you know that your Group MIS site is ready to go. We will have setup your selected main contact at the MAT on the Group site, so all they will need to do is follow the instructions on how to log in for the first time in the email. 

All the work carried out by your schools in the previous weeks of the journey will play a big part in the data you should be able to see aggregated at the Group level. 

The Group MIS lets you work with any number of schools from on central location, so you are able to collaborate more easily and really understand how everyone’s getting on. You are able to track performance from a distance, compare data across schools and give every school the tools they need to do their best work!

Here are just some of the main key benefits of your Group MIS site.

  • Get the big picture at a glance in real-time!
  • One central MIS login.
  • Manage your staff centrally.
  • Build custom reports painlessly.
  • Understand the detail that’s making a difference.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.


School day to day activities on Arbor/Progress Reports

What happens this week?

By this stage your schools will now be live with Arbor and will be continuing with their day to day work, implementing their new MIS. 

You will expect to receive a report this week with some key information to track your schools progress to date. The main information you will receive in this report is where your schools are at with their training, and also a reminder to your central team to book your Group MIS training if you have not already done so.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.


Progress Reports - Are your schools on track?

What happens this week?

By this point your schools will have been using their new shiny MIS for around 3 weeks! We feel it is really important for you to understand how your schools are doing at this stage and what their uptake is of their MIS. This helps you to assess and support your schools if needed.

You will expect to receive a school usage report this week, which will provide you with information such as: attendance, staff logins, custom report writer, etc and training remaining.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.



Account Management

What happens this week?

You have hit your final week onboarding to Arbor! We have really enjoyed working with you to help get your schools started with Arbor and we are really looking forward to seeing you develop further from here!

Following this week, your Arbor Account manager will be reaching out to you to introduce themselves and pick up with you from the Arbor Onboarding Team, for the next stages of your journey with Arbor.

You are still able to continue to get in contact with the Arbor support team or your Arbor Accredited Support Partner if you have any day-to-day support queries.

Please see below when you should expect to be on the timeline at this stage.




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