TimeTabler and Arbor integration to import school and student details

If you are using TimeTabler, you can export your data out of Arbor to import into TimeTabler, so you don't have to set everything up twice! This process should be completed if you've not used TimeTabler before.

Export your school information

We recommend completing this step to export your teacher, subject and room information into Timetabler for three reasons:

  1. You won't need to manually type in all this data again into TimeTabler
  2. When you import your timetable into Arbor, we'll be able to automatically map all your teachers, subjects and rooms, saving you time on manually matching these up
  3. The import will also be as accurate as possible because you can be sure the same items exist in both systems


To export your data, go to School > Timetable > TimeTabler Integration > Export Basic Details.

You can pick what you want to include in the download from Arbor, then click the green button to download the export to your computer. 



In the file, you'll see TC for the teacher, SB for subject and RM for the room. We recommend to not edit the file, as this could cause import issues or data inaccuracies!



Then select the file from your downloads folder and importing it into TimeTabler.

Please note that if you're importing only one type of data (for example, only Rooms), you'll need to ensure Identifier required? is unticked within TimeTabler prior to importing the file.



You can also export student details to import into TimeTabler's Options software! See the instructions below for how to do this.

Export your student information for Options

Download this report and save the file on your computer until it's needed in the next steps. 

Go to School > Custom Report Writer and click on the Create New Report button, then click Import a report. A small window will then open.

Click on browse and locate the file you previously saved on your computer, then click Upload.



You'll then be able to view your report, which by default will show all students in Year Groups 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. 

To download the report, click the Download button and select CSV to download the report to your computer.



To edit this to only include the year groups that you want to import into Options, click on the Edit button.  

On the Edit report page, scroll to the Filters section, and click on the pencil icon on the right.  



In the slide over, remove the year groups that you don’t want to include by clicking the crosses, or add other year groups from the dropdown, then click Save.  For example, you might want this report to only show year 9 and 11, as they will be choosing their GCSEs and A-Levels for the following academic year.


Then click Save and View Report.  



Then you can import this file into Options to confirm the column names on the matching page.




Once you've got all your data into TimeTabler and have created your timetable, you can import this timetable into Arbor. Read this article on Importing a timetable from TimeTabler for how to do this.

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