Exporting your timetable changes from Arbor to TimeTabler

Made some changes to your timetable in Arbor and need to update TimeTabler? Our Timetable Export to TimeTabler functionality is for schools who have already imported at least one TimeTabler file into Arbor this year (such as when completing the New School Year Setup), and have needed to make tweaks in Arbor. You can export your changes from Arbor into TimeTabler without needing to manually update both systems.


What you'll need before getting started

For the export to work, you will need to have:

  • Set up Timetable Periods in Arbor
  • These need to match the periods set up in TimeTabler so, in TimeTabler, you should have previously amended the 'Day & Period Labels' to match the Arbor Timetable Periods and you should have selected to 'Use Period Labels instead' before you created your original timetable 
  • Made sure that both Arbor and TimeTabler have the same cycle length e.g. 5 days (one week) or 10 days (two weeks)
  • The bottom-level course names in Arbor match the Teaching group names in TimeTabler - you can see how to change course names if needed here: Change lesson register name
  • You have the same rooms and teachers set up in Arbor and TimeTabler


Creating the file

Go to School > Timetable > TimeTabler Integration > Export Timetable

  • Use the Academic year drop-down to select the year you want to export the timetable for.
  • From the Timetable cycle drop-down, select which version to export.

Once you click the green Export timetable button, the file will generate in the background. Refresh your page, and either click Ready - click to download in the table, or the notification in the top right of your page.

The file will then download to your computer. Do not open the file. You'll need to import this into TimeTabler.




Can we import if we haven't used TimeTabler before?

This process can only be used if you already have a timetable set up in TimeTabler, so it cannot be used to create a timetable in TimeTabler for the first time. If you don't have a timetable in TimeTabler, you'll need to either:

How do I import the file in TimeTabler?

You can find instructions in TimeTabler's guidance on how to import your file here and here.

If you need further support with importing the file into TimeTabler, please contact TimeTabler's support team.

What happens after we import the file into TimeTabler?

When you upload the file to TimeTabler, they will update lessons/timetable slots that have the same period as the file from Arbor automatically. Any current lessons/timetable slots will be updated with new rooms or teachers, and they'll highlight to you any new lessons/timetable slots, or ones that have been removed.

If you don't follow the instructions in the Before exporting your file section above, the file output from Arbor won't include period data, and will have a blank first column. 

When importing this file, TimeTabler will highlight this missing information for you, but the timetable changes won't be imported into TimeTabler, because they can't match the periods. This enables you to get the timetable in TimeTabler, looking the same as the timetable in Arbor.

If you need further support with using TimeTabler, please contact TimeTabler's support team.

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