Importing Options from TimeTabler

TimeTabler's Options feature can be used to calculate what courses students should/can be enrolled in based on their subject choices, to work out the best combinations and enable as many students to do their choices as possible.

There's no need to have to recreate student enrolments into Options in both TimeTabler and Arbor, as you can import them from TimeTabler into Arbor.

How long will it take?

  • Import the file - 1 minute
  • Map courses - 5 minutes (depending on the number of courses)
  • Map students - 5 minutes (depending on the number of unmatched students)
  • Add enrolment dates - 1 minute
  • Import - 1 minute


You'll need both the School: Academic Structure: Administer and Student Profile: Enrolment: Administer All Students permission to import Options enrolments. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


What you'll need before getting started

When importing enrolment into Options for the next academic year, we strongly recommend that you work up to and complete Step 6 of the New School Year Setup Process first, to ensure:

  1. There is an academic year set up for next year
  2. The students in TimeTabler are enrolled into your school in Arbor
  3. There are courses next year in Arbor to enrol students into

You also need to have:

  • generated your Options file in TimeTabler that includes student First Name and Last Name, either the student's UPN or ULN to be used as their unique identifier, and course names
  • ensured any student enrolments you'll be importing from Options. Importing doesn't end student enrolments, so we recommend ending enrolments into old courses to prevent duplicate enrolments. The easiest way to do this is using the Bulk Enrolment page.


Importing Options

Step 1 - Import your file

Go to School > Programmes > Courses > Import from Options. Select the relevant academic year, and click Upload new file.



Click Browse to select your file, then Continue to upload it.



Step 2 - Map your courses

This step is where you map your 'Teaching Groups' in TimeTabler to bottom-level courses in Arbor.

  • We'll automatically select the course in Arbor if the names match.
  • If the names don't match, you can choose to skip, or manually select the bottom-level course to map it to.

Once mapped, click Next.




Step 3 - Check your students

Use the three tabs to check the student details. Unique ID is required, but this and name are not case-sensitive.

Matched students - these are students where we were able to match both the name and identifier. These will be automatically matched.

Students without a match - both the name and identifier do not match a current student in Arbor, so enrolments for these students will not be imported.



Partially matched students - if we've matched the identifier but not the name, so these will be set to do not import by default.



Click Skip to change this to Import to approve the suggested mapping anyway, and import enrolments for this student.

If you notice a mistake, you can:

  • choose not to import the enrolment for a student, and manually enrol them later
  • upload a new file by returning to School > Programmes > Courses > Import from Options to start a new upload

Once you've checked the mapping, click Next.

Step 4 - Select your enrolment dates

This determines the start and end dates the student will be enrolled into the Options courses for. Make sure you select dates within the academic year you chose for your import.

Just type in the date, or use the calendar to select, then click Next.



Step 5 - Review your import

In the final step, you can review the enrolments for each student into each bottom-level course. You can use the Download button to export or print this information if it needs to be checked.



  • If you notice a mistake and want to upload a new file, return to School > Programmes > Courses > Import from Options and start a new upload.
  • If you're happy with the enrolments, scroll down and click Import options.

You'll be taken to the School > Programmes > Courses > Memberships page while your import creates the enrolments in the background. Use the filters to check the enrolments, or jump to the Bulk Enrolment page.




Can we come back to a step later?

We save the steps as you go along, so we'll be able to take you back to the start of the step you were last on. Be sure to fully finish the step you're currently on then click Next to save your progress. 

To continue where you left off, just return to School > Programmes > Courses > Import from Options and click on the In progress import.


Can we use this for importing from Edval?

We cannot import Options from Edval Choice in Edval, so you would need to import your timetable, then enrol the students in line with the options. 

Will importing again override the previously imported Options?

Importing an Options file will not make changes to previous imports or enrolments, and will instead add the new Option enrolments to their timetable. This can create a clash or duplicate, so to prevent this, you will need to end any old enrolments.

You can do this from individual student profiles or the Bulk Enrolment page.

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