Editing or deleting a snippet

If you've set up a snippet incorrectly by mistake, you may wish to edit or remove it from Arbor so it can no longer be used.

I did not create the snippet

It is not possible for staff to edit another snippet someone else has created.

  • If the staff member who created the snippet is still at your school, please ask them to follow the instructions below to remove or edit it.
  • If the staff member is no longer at your school, you will need to set up a new snippet, and we will need to remove the old one. Contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor outlining which snippets need to be deleted.

I created the snippet

Go to a place where snippets can be used (for example the comment box on a summative marksheet), and select Snippets.



Select the snippet, then click Delete snippet or Edit snippet. If you did not create the snippet, these buttons will not be clickable.

Please note that changes to the snippet will not affect text already created with the snippet.



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