ID cards and ID card numbers

School ID card can be found in the Identity section of student, guardian and staff profiles. This field is optional.

Managing ID card details on profiles

Adding a School ID card

You can either click on the School ID card field, or click +Add and select School ID Card.




Add the number, choose whether the card is currently active, and add the date and time when the ID was issued.



Editing a School ID card

You can either click on the ID card to edit it.

Click Edit to change the ID number.




Click Mark identity card as lost to record the date and time it was lost. Top Tip: You can't mark it as found again - you'd need to delete it in this case.



If you initially created the card as Active, you can click the Mark identity card as inactive button.

Top Tip: If you originally marked the ID as inactive, or you click the Mark identity card as inactive button, you can't mark it as active again - you'd need to delete it in this case.



In this example, I've marked one ID card as inactive, because the child has been issued another.



Deleting the ID

Click into the ID card, click Edit, then click Delete.




Can we add ID cards in bulk?

It is not possible to add ID card details or numbers in bulk.

Can we report on ID cards?

It is not possible to report on ID cards (such as through the Custom Report Writer), so you'll need to work through profiles to check if (for example) which students have been assigned an ID or are missing an ID number. 

Can we use a card reader?

When adding the ID, plug in the reader, click into the Card number text box and then tap the ID card on the reader/swipe to capture its number.

Please note that we are not able to support with using a card reader on your device or browser.


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