Top Tips for keeping secure when sharing data with our Support Team

If you're supported by Arbor and have a query open with our Support Team (via email or webchat), we might ask you to send us details to help find and diagnose the issue. We might ask you for:

  • Details about what you want to do or are expecting to see.
  • What you have tried so far, including any Help Centre articles you have read.
  • The URL or link to the page where the issue is occurring, or to the user's profile. You can see further details, as well as how to copy one here: Using URLs
  • Try not to use the person's name, as we can securely identify them using their Arbor ID.
  • Screenshots demonstrating the issue or question.

Sending us files and screenshots

We recommend you consider the data shared in screenshots when sending them to our support team. You can see how to take a screenshot here: Taking screenshots

Make sure only data that is needed to show and resolve the issue is included. For example, if you need to show us a student's data in a table:

  • please keep the full screenshot rather than cropping it, so we can see what page you're referring to and the filter settings.
  • blur any data that isn't related to your query, such as other students' names - you can use image editors such as Skitch to do this.

If you want to share a screenshot or file with us securely, please use your school's Secure Upload Portal (SUP). If you no longer have access to this, our Support Team will be able to provide you with the URL.

What details do you need from me?

To make sure we're only sharing information with those who need it, we run a security check on your details before we're able to support you. Whenever you get in touch with us, make sure you have these details to hand:

  • Your full name
  • Your school's postcode (not your personal postcode)
  • Your role in your school - this needs to be your Business Role as assigned in Arbor 

To check your own business role, log into your school site and go to My Items > My Account.

Please note that MAT staff may need to ask someone who can access the:

  • Group Staff > Browse Staff > MAT Staff Profiles page to check their business role.
  • Group Staff > Browse Staff > Browse All Staff page to check user business roles on the school MIS.



If you don't have a profile set up on either a school or MAT site, we won't be able to support you as we can't verify that you work at the institution.

You'll need to ask an Admin at your school or MAT to set up a profile for you. You can see how to do this here:

Top Tips:

  • We recommend having one profile set up for each user - we don't recommend sharing a login (for example having one account for all of your IT Support).
  • As long as you don't work in schools directly, you don't need to set up a profile for MAT staff on each school site, as you can log in to school sites through the MAT MIS.
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