Making the most out of Arbor with Begin, Build, Boost

This is Begin, Build, Boost! This series on the Help Centre will take you on a journey through the key areas of Arbor that need setting up, all the way from an introduction on what they are, to how to get the most out of the features we offer.

  • Begin - Everything you need to know before you get started
  • Build - How to use this area of Arbor
  • Boost - Take your school to the next level and make the most of this area

Who is Begin, Build, Boost for?

These journeys are perfect for:

  • schools who have just finished moving to Arbor
  • schools who have been with us a while, but want to start using an area for the first time
  • users at schools who have been using Arbor can use the Begin and Boost sections, but your school will already have set up these modules

Top Tip: If you're a new user but your school is already using these areas, why not check out our Introduction to Arbor guides for new users.

Let's get started!

Just click the links below to jump in and start your journey with the article that starts with the word 'Begin'! We've created Begin, Build, Boost guidance for these areas:

If you want more support from a specialist, you can find our full training catalogue here: Customer Education and Training Services

For guidance on other areas, just scroll down on the Help Centre homepage and click into an area to explore our articles.

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