Make, download and print charts and graphs of Arbor data

Our Tables to Charts feature gives you the ability to create data visualisations directly in Arbor, reducing the need to export your data out of Arbor for further analysis.

  • View, draw insight, ask questions and take action from your data in the way you need to.
  • Turn your rows of data into colourful graphs that you can quickly drop into report packs and presentations.

As this is a new feature, we're always looking for ways we can improve it to suit our school's needs. If you have any feedback, please submit it to our product team here: Tables to Charts


How do we use the feature?

Go to any page that includes a table of data. Highlight the cells you wish to make a chart from, then right click and select Chart Range.

Select the chart type. Top Tip: You can change the chart type selected later on.


  • Grouped
  • Stacked
  • 100% Stacked


  • Grouped
  • Stacked
  • 100% Stacked


  • Pie
  • Doughnut


X Y (Scatter):

  • Scatter
  • Bubble


  • Area
  • Stacked
  • 100% Stacked




In the pop up, hover over a data point to see more information on the figure (switch off in the Format tab of the editor - shown below).

  • Move to full screen mode
  • Adjust table type and styling - 
  • Send a link of your data - 
  • Download your data as a PNG - 



Adjusting table type and styling:

  • Settings: Navigate through the different styles scrolling vertically, tap on the chart type you wish to visualise. You can also scroll horizontally for different colour variations
  • Data: Adjust visible data by selecting what rows/labels to include in your graph
  • Format: Change almost everything here, from font, spacing, line width, opacity, and much more






Can we swap the X and Y axis?

You can change the order of the columns, then draw chart again to swap the axes.

Can we create a Live Feed?

It isn't possible to live feed a chart directly - you would create a live feed of the underlying data, then create a chart from that data in for example Excel.

Where can we use this feature?

Exporting charts and graphs directly from Arbor will be found across your MIS. It is available for schools and is also available on the MAT MIS.

If you don't see the right-click option, that's because you're looking at a text-based table, which cannot be visualised.

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