I can't add students to an internal exclusion session

If you can't select an internal exclusion session to add students to, this means there aren't any upcoming sessions scheduled. You can see more information about this process here: Setting up Internal exclusions

Please note that you can only add students to past sessions from the Students > Behaviour > internal Exclusions > Daily Attendance page. Click here to see how to do this.



Sessions need to be scheduled each year - you can do this from Students > Behaviour > Setup > Internal Exclusions tab.

Click +Add to add your exclusion types for this year e.g. morning. 



Then click into an internal exclusion type, go to the Timetable tab and click +Add to schedule when the sessions will run.




You'll need the School: Action: Behaviour: Administer or School: Policy: Behaviour: Behaviour Policy permission to schedule and manage Internal exclusions.

If you don't have the right permission, ask your admin team to assign them to you.

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