How can I Browse Students and see Joiners, Leavers and Birthdays?

The Browse Students page

You can access the Browse Students page by either:

  • Clicking on Students within your Favourite Links
  • From the drop-down text menu click on Students > All Students > Browse Students

Clicking on one of the students will load their profile.




On the Browse Students page, you will be greeted by a number of filters, each of which, when clicked will produce a drop-down menu.




To search for one specific student type the name in and click on Search from the top yellow bar.



The search bar also follows the filters you have set. If you need to search for a previously enrolled student ensure that the green filter is set to All previous students.



In Students > All Students > Browse Students > Joiners you can see all new joiners, where they came from and the year group and form if they have been assigned one.



Clicking the filter bar at the top of the screen allows you to select relevant dates.




In Students > All Students > Browse Students > Leavers you can see all the students that have left your school, including their year group, leaving date, the reason for leaving and destination. Please note that for 'Destination' to be filled in, you'll need to have either set their destination school when they were off-rolled, or added it to their profile in the 'Education & Employment History' section, with the expect started date at the new school included.



Clicking the filter bar at the top of the screen allows you to select relevant dates and specific unenrolment reasons to filter for.




In Students > All Students > Browse Students > Birthdays or Students > All Students > Birthdays you can see a list of all your student's birthdays and ages the student is turning on their birthday, with upcoming birthdays at the top of the list.

You can bulk select multiple students to perform a variety of actions such as sending a letter to parents.

Please note, you will need the School: Demographics: Administer permission to be able to view this page. 



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