Contact leavers - Send communications to students who have left your school

In Arbor, you can view a list of your school's leavers (such as year 11s or year 6s) and send the students or their guardians an email, SMS, letter or in-app message (guardians only).

Go to the Students > All Students > Browse Students > Leavers page.

Top Tip: Once the filters are applied, you can see a count of how many students joined during this time at the bottom of the table.

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Students who were unenrolled this academic year

To send a communication to students who were unenrolled this academic year or their guardians, tick the students and click the Bulk action button. Select the communication type.



You'll then be able to write the message and send it out.



Students who were unenrolled last academic year

If you want to send a communication to students who were unenrolled during a previous academic year or their guardians, you can't use this page. If you select students who were unenrolled last year, the To field will be blank.

Want us to improve this in future? Please submit feedback here: Communications improvements



To email this group, you'll need to set up a custom group of the people you want to send the message to. You can see how to do this here: How to create and use Custom Groups




You can then use the normal Mail Merge area to send them an email, letter, SMS or in-app message. Just select the custom group in the To box. 


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