Previous guardians for Looked After (In Care) students

When a student becomes Looked After (In Care), they are usually no longer looked after by or living with their parents.

In Arbor, the relationship between a child and a guardian is separate from their responsibilities. It is also not possible to mark parents as previous guardians.

You don't need to delete the parent's profile. You may need to keep the parent's profile for reference purposes. You should:

  1. Add Looked After status for the student.
  2. Add a profile for the new guardian with right relationship and responsibilities: Creating a new guardian, family member or contact for a student
  3. For the old guardian, keep the relationship but untick the Legal guardian and Primary guardian boxes to show they have no responsibility. Top tip: This will not show that they previously had these responsibilities.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Changing addresses for the student section in this article. Make sure the box to also move the previous guardian(s) is unticked. This will log that the student used to live with the parent but doesn't any more.
  5. You may wish to add a Pastoral or Safeguarding Note to record further information. 

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