Student profiles and student data videos

Adding a New Student
Here's how to add a new student manually to create a new student profile. You can then enrol them into classes, year groups and registration forms.
Student Profile Overview
In this video, we'll walk through what information you can see and edit on the student profile, including identity details and their past attendance.
Navigating the Student Profile
What else can you see on the student profile? This video shows you what other data is recorded on the student profile.
Editing information on the Student Profile
This video will show you how to edit a child's date of birth, language, Free School Meal eligibility status and medical conditions.
Student Timetables and Attendance Certificates
To download an attendance certificate or a printable timetable for a week, just go to the student profile and click the green downloads button.
Data collection sheets
To download a data collection sheet, or to download student profiles individually or in bulk watch this quick video.
Educational Needs / SEN
In this video we'll show you how to navigate to a student's educational needs section, add an SEN status or educational need or an individual education plan.
Here's how to add a new guardian and link them to an existing student, including whether they are a primary guardian, whether they are an emergency contact and whether they live with the student.
Pupil Premium Records from Key to Success
To mark a student as in receipt of pupil premium, you'll need to download a file from Key to Success, then import it into Arbor. Here's how to complete the import.
Student Demographic information
You can view lists of students belonging to different demographic groups, such as pupil premium, using the demographics section. In this video, we'll show you some of the functionality of these pages.
Importing a CTF
To create new students or update student details on your site, you may need to import a CTF. Watch this video to see how to do this correctly without creating duplicates.
Creating and Exporting CTFs
You may also need to send CTFs of students leaving your school to other schools. Here's how to generate them.
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