What notes can we report on in bulk?

You can add many different types of notes to Arbor - you can find some examples here: Items you can pin on the student profile for Safeguarding and Alerts

You can see some of these notes (pastoral notes, behaviour notes, SEN notes and safeguarding notes) on Lesson Dashboards if you choose to show them.


What can we report on in the Custom Report Writer?


You can report on these types of notes by creating a Custom Report Writer report:

  • SEN
  • Behavioural - Top Tip: Behaviour notes only can be shown on the Parent Portal And Arbor App if your school uses this. You can turn this on in your Parent Portal Settings
  • Looked After (In Care)
  • Child Protection
  • Academic
  • Pastoral
  • Safeguarding

You'll need to select one, as you can't report on different note types in the same report. You might need to create multiple reports.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.01.51.png


You can add a filter to only show students who have a note by selecting content, then in the slide over selecting Is not empty/blank.




You can then view the report. If you want to edit the notes, you'll need to do this from the student profile.



Recorded by and Recorded on

You can report on who recorded the note and when, by adding the Recorded by or Recorded on columns to any of the note reports.



What can we not report on in the Custom Report Writer?

Detention notes

You cannot report on detention notes.

Medical notes

You cannot report on medical notes.

Attendance notes

You cannot report on attendance notes. See how to report on these here: Report on Attendance Notes

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