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The Daily Summary shows numbers for the day's meals.

You can see the overall numbers for each meal provision you have set up and for each sitting.

To change the date of the table click on 'Change Date'.

'Meals Sheet' creates a pdf with numbers broken down by class. You can get this per sitting or for lunch overall.

'Dietary Requirements' creates a pdf listing of all students with dietary requirements. Again this can be by sitting or for lunch overall.


Additional students and staff members can be added to the table by clicking on either 'Add Staff' and 'Add Students'.


The Meal Register can be viewed by clicking on 'View Register'. This will load a table with all students taking a meal on the date entered.



The meal provisions can be changed by ticking the student, clicking on the blue pencil and updating the provision.


A printable meal register can be downloaded by clicking on the green 'Printable Register' button.


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