Meal account balances for students who left last year

 You might want to see the balances that students had when they left your school, so you can track debt that may not be paid.

You can do this individually from student profile.

But the easiest way to see this in bulk is to go to School > Payments > Accounts > Balances and click on the filter to change the settings.

Top Tip: This will show students' most recent balances, so for students that are still attending it will not show their balance as it was in the past. To do this you would go to the student profile, select Payments > Meals, change the filter dates and select Download Statement.



The Settings pop up will appear and you can change the Academic Year here. This will pull through students that attended last year.

You can select in the Students in box to see balances for the student groups that existed within the academic year selected.


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